• How would you dress in a new world?

Water Puppet, fashion that fits in a better world.

My Credo

First of all, please let me introduce myself. My name is Liza Sansou.
I come from a mix family : my mother is greek, my father comes from the circus (a country by itself). I’ve studied fashion design. But I’ve been working in theatre, designing costumes, since I graduated.

Water Puppet venture starts in 2011 with the idea of making an ecological and ethical fashion brand. As I think fashion shouldn’t just be a style statement.

So here we are.

WP IS ETHICAL. We use eco-friendly/natural fabrics and dyes. We collaborate with young and dynamic workshops in Spain (where the brand is set) to promote work in a drowning country.

Though this ethical idea is important, it is impossible to ignore the social and economic reality we live in. Fashion must be a report of what is surrounding us. We live in a society that must rethink its values. That’s what I want to do, offer a reflection on women and femininity. What is women’s role in our society? How would a woman dress in a better world?

WP IS AESTHETIC. The garments are simple but sharp. They combine elegance with the austerity of an uniform. They are clothes that allow you to build your own story with it, to use them through out seasons.
I design the patterns inspiring myself on what I see, around me and in the news. A difficult but exciting reality that let us imagine what society we want to live in.

The revolution will be wearable.



Madame la Marquise : 1º partie


Forest Transition Theory

spring / summer 2014

A winter in Madrid

winter 2013

Thinking Greece


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